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Horse for sale - Remi - $3,000 OBO

featured photo
12.1 hands
11 y.o.
Please use email to contact
Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania   16403

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Gaming pony for sale
Remi is a 11-12 year old paint mare pony. Thinking shes around 12 hands.
My student showed her in 4-h last year and at the everwind winter series. They made it to districts and won their division at everwind.
She also loves to trail ride. She takes very good care of her kids but can have a pony/mare attitude with adults.
Great feet never needed shoes, but can be difficult for the farrier with her back legs. Loads right up on the trailer and great at shows or even fairs. Bathes, clips and ties to the trailer all day no problem. My student has even done some showmanship and pleasure with her for fun.
Will come with a bridle, breast collar and tie down. My 7 year old daughter has been riding her around for fun this summer.
$3, OBO
my students mother and she kept her times and could get them for you if wanting them.